José Retra

My interest is all that has to do with preschool music education. However, because that is just a bit too passionate, I concentrate on musical movement and temporal representation, music educational and compositional aspects of composition For children 0 - 4  and pedagogy of preschool music education. I obtained my PhD in Education, specialising in Early Childhood Music Education from the University of Exeter (UK) in 2010. I have a degree in Psychology for Musicians, MA, University of Sheffield (UK), a Bachelor in Education (Nijmegen, NL), a post-bachelor degree in preschool music education (Music on the Lap), conservatory of Amsterdam and a B.Mus. in piano from the conservatory of Arnhem (NL).

At international conferences and seminars I have presented my research. To engage in joint study and dialogue I formed the PME group (Preschool Music Education group). The mission of the group: to study, to discuss and to exchange our work in preschool music education with an emphasis on dialogue and research connected to practice resulting in workable outcomes.

I teach children 4 months to 4 years at the Art centre in Woerden. Frequently I give workshops and lectures on different subjects in preschool music education.

As a composer I have written concert music, music for film and tv, and music specially for the under-fours.

Presently I am a commissioner of ECME - Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ISME).