A music pedagoge with research experience, and a composer/arranger, my aim is to awaken musical artistic curiosity and expansion by offering music education according to one’s own level of possibilities to acquire musical skills. As a musician I am active as a composer and arranger for special concerts for young children as well as different ensembles. Through my musical activities - playing the piano in ensembles, conducting orchestra’s - I maintain an active life as a musician, the important experience of which will also flow into my pedagogical practices.

I obtained my PhD in Education, specialising in Early Childhood Music Education from the University of Exeter (UK) in 2011. I have a degree in Psychology for Musicians, MA, University of Sheffield (UK), a Bachelor in Pedagogy (Nijmegen, NL), a post-bachelor degree in preschool music education (Music on the Lap) (2001), conservatory of Amsterdam and a B.Mus. in piano teaching from the conservatory of Arnhem (NL). I studied composition with Andries van Rossem. Currently I am studying orchestral conducting with Jim Roodnat.  

José Retra


(Nederlandse versie in aantocht.)

Als muziekpedagoge, met onderzoekservaring, en componist/arrangeur is het mijn streven om muzikaal artistieke nieuwsgierigheid te doen ontwaken en muzikale vaardigheden te stimuleren door middel van muziekeducatie die afgestemd is op persoonlijke mogelijkheden.

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